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Our Professional Audio is the bridge which unites the precision of design with the magic of sound.

Our professional audio systems are designed to reproduce sound with intensity, simplicity and accuracy. These systems distinguish themselves with superior quality and reliability while offering all the advanced features demanded by today's audio engineers.    

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  • D:Sider 15

    D:SIDER est le meilleur système disponible avec une réponse présente et précis aux extrêmes de la gamme, et idéal pour un résultat excellente aussi avec les genres de musique les plus difficiles, riches de effets sonores et sonorité de grande dynamique. Extrêmement puissant, incroyablement dynamique, toujours sous le contrôle du processeur digital, c’est le diffuseur idéal pour un usage professionnel dans l’amplification sonore de spectacles et des événements en direct, où ses stupéfiantes capacités de linéarité et la possibilité de total contrôle à distance rendent le travail simple et immédiat. En savoir plus
  • D:Sub 15

    To complete the VERSE systems, as well as the D:SIDER satellite series, we obviously took into consideration the most physical part of the sound spectrum: the low frequencies. The choice of subwoofers for the VERSE series was based on the same modular philosophy. In fact, not all musicians or DJs want the same amount of “bottom end”, and it ’s obviously unthinkable to control everything with the volume pot or equalizer! VERSE therefore offers various subwoofers, which can be used separately or in multiple set-ups. From the small SUB10”, already sufficient to give that extra punch to the D:SIDER 8 in mono or stereo configuration, through the classic 15”, to multiple configurations of our top D:SUB 215” model, VERSE SUBs are all made to give you a total sound sensation with great simplicity. En savoir plus
  • D:Sider M15

    D:Sider M15 is a full-range high performance stage monitor, equipped with VERSE better technology and with a unique coaxial loudspeaker designed to our specifications. We believe that it sets a new standard in the stage and touring sound reiforcement; the very linear curve response, the specially designed angular coverage and the considerable reserve of power make it ideal for live concerts and for every need of monitoring. And finally the inevitable digital signal processor with remote control and the functions to directly access a phenomenal adaptive antifeedback and two special settings suitable for most usual stage situations, complete the endowment of this extraordinary product. En savoir plus
  • X:Sider 15

    With the X:SIDER series Verse Team enters definitely all sectors of the professional audio setup to medium and large sized. X:SIDER 15 is the satellite of the X:SIDER system. It is designed to realize an horizontal array or a supported array, where horizontal coverage is determined precisely by the number of satellites used. Suspension with exclusive ultrafast locking-system are provided; with optional rigging accessories two or three satellites can be rigged to provide an horizontal coverage of 76° or 116°. En savoir plus
  • Insider 15 MKII

    Insider 15 MKII is the best system available with this accurate response and definite at the extremes of range, and ideal for an excellent performance even with most types of 'difficult’ music, with rich effects and great dynamic sounds. Extremely powerful, incredibly dynamic, always under the control of the digital processor (the same used in the D:series) is the ideal speaker for a professional sound in amplifing shows and live events, where its amazing qualities of linearity and precision make the job of sound engineer simple and easy. En savoir plus
  • Insider Sub 15 MKII

    The new SUB 10 MKII with the same digital processor of the D: series, is the ideal companion for boosting a pair of Insider 8 MKII. With a 10" woofer with an neodymium magnet, can be used singly in mono, or in pairs, to ensure more powerful up-front sound reinforcement. Ideal for those who carry their PA in a saloon car or station wagon, thanks to its dimensions and modularity. En savoir plus
  • 6 article(s)

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